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Natures Liquid Gold: Honey

Hello Beauties! Whats tasty and good for you? Honey! Nature has given us this amazing thing. You can use it as a sweetener or for beauty products. You can find honey in any grocery store or you can shop local at farmers markets to support your community. Here are somethings that you can use honey… Continue reading Natures Liquid Gold: Honey

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My Favorite (Backstage) Snacks

Healthy and Yummy!

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The Power of a Smile

Hello Beauties! I hope your day is filled with lots of laughter and smiles. A smile, something we do quite often throughout the day. Most adults smile about 20 times per day and children 400! We smile so much but do we truly know how this affects the people around us and ourselves. Here is a TED talk on… Continue reading The Power of a Smile