Beauty Inside

Beauty on the Inside

Hello Beauties! Get Your Shine On is all about health, beauty, and just being nicer to ourselves. This week I am taking a kindness class and I wanted to share some things I have learned. This class is not only about being kinder to others but learning how to be kind to ourselves.


What is Kindness?

  • Being mindful of others
  • Influencing others with a positive attitude
  • Affectionate and warm
  • Compassionate and forgiving

Kindness has many different definitions and each one means something different to all of us. These were examples of how to be kind to others but sometimes you need to be kind to yourself.

How to be kind to ourselves?

  • Eat Well
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Treat yourself: Nails, hair, massage, facial, etc.
  • Sleep: 8-10 hours is ideal but especially from my lifestyle I rarely get 10 hours of sleep a night.
  • Forgive: When you let go of something that hurt you the first person that helps is you.

All of these things sound great, especially if we can incorporate them into our daily lives. Here are some tips on how to be a kinder person.


  • Start a compliment file: Collect the compliments you get so you can read them when you see upset or down on yourself.
  • Scratch something off of a to-do list.
  • Go cloud watching.
  • Take another route to work.
  • Goof off
  • Create a good habit
  • Do some mini meditation: Headspace is great for a 10 minute meditation
  • Declutter the spaces around you.
  • Unplug for an hour or more: Put your phone on autopilot and just relax.
  • Make a small change to your diet for a week.
  • Workout
  • Inhale a good smell: Candles are a great way to add some nice scents to your home.
  • Write out your thoughts.
  • Have a good laugh.
  • Make a connection: You know that lady you always pass or the doorman? Take the time to ask them about their day. A little kindness goes a long way.
  • Look in the mirror and talk to yourself: Tell yourself what you love about you.

Hopefully you can take these tips and incorporate them into your daily life to treat others and yourself better.




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